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Articles on Religion
Religion and Communalism.. Religion and Love Religion and Politics..
Religion and Communalism
Religion and Communalism is a very debated topic in our country. Many consider that if there is no religion there will be no communalism. Though it is a very hypothetical thought. Religion is a must for human beings because they need some ideology to follow. And some form of struggle starts between followers of one or the other ideology.

Religion and Love
There are certain examples in the history of religion, which supports the idea of Love and Religion. The story of Meera Bai is one example that people remember for ages. She was one of the greatest saints who was in complete love with God. She thought Lord Krishna to be everything in her life.

Religion and Politics
In India, religion plays an quintessential role in the day to day life and is a major influence over the Indian population and culture. Religion covers every aspect of the life of the Indian people. Religion also plays an important role in the politics of India. A political party`s acknowledgment of a particular religion decides the support it gets. The main religions of India are Hinduism and Islam and each religion has parties from whom support is given. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us