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Baha`i (Bahai)
Origin of Bahai Religion..
A religion named Baha`i (Bahai) was founded in Iran in the middle of 19th century by Mirza Hoseyn Ali Nuri, Baha`iwho is known as Baha` (Bahai) Ullah which means The Glory of God in Arabic. The main theme of Baha`i (Bahai) belief is the belief that Baha` Ullah and his forerunner, who was known as the Bab, were manifestations of God, who in his essence is unknowable.

The principal theme of Baha`i is the unity of all religions and the unity of humanity. Baha`i`s (Bahai) believe that all the founders of the world`s great religions have been manifestations of God and agents of a progressive divine plan for the education of the human race. Baha UllahThe Baha`i (Bahai) religion states that all the religions in the world though apparently different, have an identical truth. Baha` Ullah`s peculiar function was to overcome the disunity of religions and establish a universal faith.

Baha`is (Bahai) believe in the oneness of humanity and devote themselves to the abolition of racial, class, and religious prejudices. The great bulk of Baha`i (Bahai) teachings is concerned with social ethics, the faith has no priesthood and does not observe ritual forms in its worship.
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