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Dhanwantari is believed to be the father of medical science. He is the pioneer of ayurveda and he is the first ayurvedic surgeon aswell. He is believed to be the brother of Goddess of wealth Laxmi.

DhanwantariThe origins of the ancient healing science known as Ayurveda are lost in cosmic antiquity. According to the ancient text Caraka-samhita, this "Science of Life and Longevity" is eternal and is revealed in each universe in each of its infinite cycles of creation and destruction. This healing science is generally revealed by great sages or demigods.

Occasionally, the Supreme Lord Himself descends as the avatara (incarnation) Dhanvantari and re-inaugurates the tradition of Ayurveda. This extremely rare appearance of God is recorded in the Vedic literature of ancient India.

Dhanvantari`s appearance is celebrated each year on the 13th day (trayodasi) of the waxing moon a few days before the Divali, corresponding to October 17 in this year of 1998. Follow these links to enjoy the story, and rare pictures, and even a recital of the stotra of the avatar of Dhanvantari.

Nothing is known for sure as to how Dhanwantari looked but some slokas say he was dark and wore yellow clothes and some where he is said to be fair with a happy face. He looks like Vishnu with medical herbs in his hands.
Lord Shiva Vishnu Brahma
Rama Krishna Hanuman
Ganesha Tirupati Balaji Lord Jagannath
Indra Dhanwantari Laxmi
Saraswati Yama Kuber
Surya Vishwakarma Agni
Narad Kartikeya Durga
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