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Hanuman is an animal God of Hindu mythologies. He is the greatest devotee or bhakta that has ever been born.Hanuman He worshipped Sri Ram and helped him in every endeavor of his. All the gods and goddesses are generally pleased when their praises are sung. As far as Sri Hanuman is concerned, he is more delighted to hear the sacred name of Sri Rama sung than his own name being invoked. He rejected even the most valuable article if it has not the sacred stamp of Ram on it.

Hanumanji was the son of Anjana and Kesari and he is believed to be an avatar of the supreme Lord Shiva. The wind God Pavandev was the Godfather of Hanumanji as a result he was called Pavanputra.

Hanumanji mentally chose Surya (the Sun-god) as his preceptor. Therefore he approached Surya with the request to be taught the scriptures so that he may manifest spiritually in daily life. Surya agreed to have Hanumanji as his disciple. Within a short period of 60 hours, Hanumanji mastered all the scriptures.

HanumanHanumanji is said to be Chiranjivi (immortal) and is present in the world even today. He is the link between the devotees and God, for, as instructed by the Lord, he serves, protects and inspires the servants of God.

In the epics of no other country is there a character so powerful, learned and philosophic as Hanumanji.
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