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Narad is said be a great Bhakta. He always keeps repeating the name of Narayana. He roams about in heavens always repeating the name of "narayana narayana".

Narad has a lute in one hand and a pointed knotted tuft of hair in the center of the otherwise clean-shaven scalp. He plays a subsidiary but very important role in numerous religious scriptures.

NaradAccording to Mahabharat, Narad was the son of Kashyap and his mother was one of the daughters of Daksha. Another account says that he sprang from the forehead of Brahma. Narad is shown as a wandering seer going from one place to another. He is reputed to have invented Veena, the principal stringed instrument of India and is deemed to be the leader of celestial musicians.

He is famous as a mischief-maker and in India his name is taken as a symbol of a person who is always creating one or other type of light mischief for Gods and Goddesses.
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