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Lord Rama, the most famous incarnation of God, appeared on Rama-navami. He is known as Maryada Purusottama and is the emblem righteousness. His life and teachings of morality in office are as relevant for us today as when He appeared nearly 20 million years ago:

He was an avatar of Lord Vishnu and he had all qualities of the all-pervasive Brahman in him. He always spoke the truth and was very obedient of his parents. Due to some promise made by his father he went on an exile for 14 years just to keep the words and the respect of his father.

He married Sita. Both husband and wife were very dutiful towards each other. They respected and trusted each other. Sita also accompanied her husband when he went to the exile. Ram was a just Kin and his subjects loved and respected him very much.

RamaRam was God incarnate and he was sent to the world to fight all the evil spirits that were dwelling in this world during that period. The saints were troubled by the demons and they were not allowed to perform the religious rites and so ram killed all of them ad helped the saints.

Ram was also sent to this world to set an example to the people of how an ideal man should be. He was a fair man and absolutely just in whatever relation we see it to be. He was a ideal son and he was a ideal husband a very truthful and brave king. He also was a very caring and father like figure to his brothers.
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