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Shri Surya Dev is the source of life, light and all energy in the cosmos. There is no alternate to the life giving rays of the Surya Dev.Surya He is the most powerful and majestic visible Devata. Surya Dev has also played role of Master-Guru for many Devatas, number of Seers and Devotees. There are large number of kings and rulers around the world, who represent Solar Dynasty.

Shri Surya Sahasranam-1000 names describe 1000 qualities of Bhaskara. Each name of Surya Dev refers to a quality of consciousness. Listening Sahasranam enlivens these qualities of Surya in the consciousness of the listener and at the same time, these qualities are charged in the environment.

Shri Surya Ashtottar Shatnamavali has 108 names of Surya. These names are few of the most important qualities, which may be chanted while offering water-Argh to Shri Surya. Shri Suryamandalashtakam is a Siddha stotra of Shri Surya and awakens inner light. By chanting Shri Surya Sahasranam and stotras, Devotees enjoy fullness of energy, brilliance, inner light, perfect health and longevity. Their life shines like golden hue with the grace of Surya.

Sunday is the day of Shri Surya. It is recommended to listen Sahasranam and other stotras of Surya Dev on Sunday.
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