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The Bible
The Bible has been passed down and read by the Christians all over the world for many generations together. Some believe it to be a fantastic historical treasure; others a book to live by; and others simply a fantastic story woven over time. The BibleThere are those who believe it to be the "Word of God" given to mankind for comfort and guidance. They believe that God speaks to man through the Bible and gives them wisdom, knowledge, and guidance in their daily lives.

Many people who identify themselves as Christians, Muslims, or Jews regard the Bible as inspired by God.The Bible as used by the majority of Christians all over the world includes the Hebrew Scripture.The Bible is divided into two main parts the first being The Old Testament and the second being The New Testament.

The Old Testament constitutes the first major part of the Bible used by Christians all over the world.The Bible The main divisions of this book are law,history, poetry and prophecy.The Old Testament was written before the birth of Jesus who subsequentlt became the subject of the New Testament.The Old Testament was composed between the second century BC to the fifth century BC.

The New Testament was written by various authors before 140 AD. It is also called The Greek Testament or Greek scripture. It is also sometimes called The New Covenant which in Greek means the full portion of the Bible. It is considered to be the root of Christian religion. It is also said that the New Testament has played a major role in shaping the modern western morality and culture. The New Testament consists of the Gospels and Apostles.
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