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The Jaina Scripture
Originally there were 14 Purvas and 11 Angas. Purvas were transmitted orally and in due course have been lost. Hence, 11 Angas form the main Jaina religious literature. Besides, there are 22 Upangas, 10 Pakinnakas, 6 Chedas, 4 Mula-sutras and 2 other Sutras. Out of 11 Angas the Acharanga formulates the rules of conduct for the monks, and, Sutrakrtanga describes the Jaina rites and points out its distinctive features. Uvasagadasao is the 7th Anga.

Formerly the Jaina scripture was written in Ardha Maghadhi. Later it was written rather more systematically in Prakrit and Sanskrit.

Jainas are essentially traders from the time of Makkhali Gosala, for they desist from agriculture.The Jaina Scripture They fear that in digging the soil, they are likely to kill insects and this killing would mean hmsa. They own a good deal of wealth of India. The Jainas have survived all these years, but Buddhism has almost disappeared from the land of its orign. The main reason is that Jainas have nothing to oppose Brahminism.

They do not admit caste, but accept Brahmin priesthood at many of their functions. Secondly, they have adopted great many popular gods from popular Hinduism. Besides, their own four pillars of Karma-Samsara-Jnana-Mukti have been assimilated into Hinduism. The pancha-mahavrata of Jainism Jinana-Muktihwe (Satya, asteya, brahmacharya, ahimsa and aparigraha), has been fully adopted by Hinduism though not with the same rigour. Yoga and austerities now are as much Jaina as Hindu for the last many years. Jainas have become so much Hinduistic that they also adopt Vaisriavism. As a matter of fact even inter-marriage is permitted between some vegetarian Hindus and Jainas.

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