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Religion and Love
Ramakrishna Paramhansa once had said:
"If you must be mad, be it not for the things of the world. Be mad with the love of God."

It is fairly certain that a strong religious faith can fulfill the need for romantic love, though it is not sure that it works the other way around. Very devout people namely monks, nuns, etc do not seem to need romantic love but their relationship with God is enough. In fact, their relationship with God also seems to take care of them and prevent them from being selfish,greedy or commit any sin aswell.

Most people generally don`t have that sort of relationship with God. They are human and imperfect, they usually desire romantic love. Though their desire for religion is not surely known. Religious longing is something that everyone doesnot feel about. Almost all cultures throughout history have created their own religions, there are other reasons for that, it`s not an inherent need for mankind. Love is more essential and fundamental for mankind. More people need love rather than religion.

Love, as great as it may be, cannot take the place of God. Ideally, the two concepts would be combined in things like the sacrament of marriage. Ideally, love would help one get closer to God and God would help them find and strengthen their love. But, for people who need religion, love cannot take the place of God. Love would feel empty and pointless without Him . Religious longing comes before all else.

There are certain examples in the History of Religion, which supports the idea of Love and Religion.meera baiThe story of Meera Bai is one example that people remember for ages. She was one of the greatest saints who was completely in love with God. She thought Lord Krishna to be the main anchor of her life.

Mira was a queen of Rajasthan who is known more for her devotion than anything else. There are so many stories about Mira Bai and every story has different facts so it is very difficult to be exactly sure of the facts from legends.

She was born about 1500 and was married at the age of 13. From an early age she showed more interest in religious devotions than to her worldly responsibilities. It is said that she neglected her marital responsibilities. When queried about it, she said that it was impossible for her to be married to the king when she was already married to Krishna.

A major change in her life occurred at the time of the death of her husband. It was customary in those days for a wife to commit satti. Satti is the self-immolation upon the husband`s funeral pyre. She refused to comply, whereupon her in-laws began harassing her. She then left the palace and began wandering throughout Rajasthan, preaching and gaining followers.

Mira is known for the many bhajans that she left behind. These bhajans are in praise of lord Krishna and held in great esteem for their high literary value. She is believed to have died around 1550.

Religion teaches man to love and keep peace in the entire world. Religion does not cause enemity or fights but on the contrary all the religions teach brotherhood, communal love, peace, service for the poor etc.
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